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Through My Big Brown Eyes

12th of June, 1996 - a new star was added to the galaxy.

Hey there, I'm really glad you are here.

My name is Laura Karwirwa Mugambi as you likely know by now. I really love my name actually. Hmm...that'd be a good place to start off this piece, no? By telling you what my individual names mean. I am still feeling a little shy, lol. Especially given how corny it is to have my first blog as aaalll about me. Haha.

One of my Mum's favorite artistes, especially when she was younger, is the American singer Laura Branigan, famously known for the song 'Forever Young'. Thus, my name. A good save from my Dad's suggestion 'Juniette' (because he thought I was going to be born in July hence 'Juliette', but I came in June so...'Juniette'..."Dad, really?!")

Karwirwa - a rare name even among my Ameru people. According to the Meru culture, as most African Cultures, children are named after someone. For me, as a first born daughter to my parents, I am named after my paternal grandmother who was the only daughter in her family and her brothers fought for her; to protect her and give her the best. "Karwirwa" means 'one who is fought for'.

Mugambi is our family name. A name for 'a leader' among the Ameru.

This is actually not my first blog, back in 2015-2018, I used to blog on Blogspot and it was quite something - I enjoyed it! But life happened. And here we are now, hoping to revive it.

As a child, I was pretty shy, moderately quiet, little miss smarty pants and quite sensitive - I have always been one to feel things deeply. Life growing up was fairly simple, intimate and intentional in my home. We shared and cared so effortlessly as beautiful modelled by our amazing parents who are pretty much two distinctly different sides of the same coin.

I loved to sing. From that early on, I had this interesting ability to grasp song lyrics quite fast and what would happen thereafter is that I would sing along with the musician, word-for-word, adlib-for-adlib, missing no riff or run. The first career I got drawn to was teaching, but that changed a lot over the years and, at this point, I can say, things morphed. From , teacher, to lawyer, to journalist, to doctor.....and, here we are now. I'd really love for you to experience every page of this website to get to know a lot more about me and what I do now, almost 6 years later.

This here, is my warm, arms-wide-open welcome to my world, and specifically to this blog where you will get to see life through my big brown eyes!

I am so excited to share with you on here through random thoughts and musings, nutrition and lifestyle tips, product reviews, stories, ideas......all this and more!

Love and light!

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